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Everything to Know about Private Candle Making Events at Our Small Party Venue.

A private candle-making event at our small party venue is perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, corporate events, or even groups that want a little more privacy for candle-making. It is expected that all members of your party will participate in candle making. 

A private event at our small party venue will be 2.5 Hours (Two Hours and Thirty Minutes). We have also allotted 30 minutes prior to your event start time for any setup, cleaning, or decorations.

Example: If you selected 1:10 pm for your event start time, you can come at 12:40 pm to start setting up. Your 2.5 hours of event time begins at 1:10 pm.

We typically host general candle-making groups before and after private events, so please be respectful of any groups that may be finishing up their experience prior to your setup time.

Our small party venue can accommodate up to 30 guests. Please let us know a rough estimate of how many guests you will be expecting so we can staff your event appropriately.

We will not have every guest make candles at the same time. We will have smaller groups during your party rotate through the candle-making process until all have completed the experience. This rotation ensures the best candle-making experience possible and also leave plenty of time to socialize between rotations and after everyone is done making candles. 

There is a reservation fee of $200 to close our doors to the public for the duration of your party. We run a fairly busy operation and this fee is strictly to close our doors to the public to give you the best private experience possible.

This fee does not go towards the cost of any candles or other products purchased or created during your event. This fee is also not refunded after your event. 

The reservation fee is not refundable if there is a cancellation within 72 hours of your event. Please understand that late cancellations create a missed opportunity for us to bring in revenue to pay our staff and our bills. Outside of 72 hours, we will refund your reservation fee. 

The cost for each guest depends on which product they select to make. Our smallest candle jar starts at $30, and largest at $70. A rollerball perfume is $28. 

All guests have the option to pay for their own candles or rollerball if that is desired.

Once all candles are poured, please allow roughly Three (3) hours to come back and pick them up. Two (2) of those hours are for the candles to solidify, and one (1) hour for our team to add the finishing touches and bag them up for take home.

You can also pick up the candles another day if that works best for timing. They will be sorted by name ready for pick up. 

You are more than welcome to bring in your own food, snacks, and drinks to our small party venue. We have extra tables that we can set up, or you can bring in your own tables. 

Yes, we encourage you to bring in balloons, centerpieces, and any other decor to make your private event special. We only ask that you don’t nail or screw anything to our facility. Scotch tape is acceptable. 

Yes, but the $200 deposit is non-refundable within 72 hours of your event. Please understand that late cancellations create a missed opportunity for us to bring in revenue to pay our staff and our bills. 

We ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you are considering a reschedule or a cancellation. We also understand that life happens, and things come up, all we ask is a line of communication. 

No, we have a large variety of vessel sizes and colors to choose from. We also have over 130 clean fragrance oils to choose from. 

Bringing in materials that have not been approved or tested by us creates a safety and liability issue for our business. 

Our candles are made with 100% Natural Soy Wax harvested right here in the Midwest. There are no fillers or additives in our natural soy wax. 

Our wicks are flat braided pure cotton wicks with interwoven paper threads. There is a natural wax coating on the wick to keep it rigid for pouring purposes. 

The fragrance oils we use are infused with essential oils, and free of phthalates, sulfates, additives, dyes, parabens, and toxins. 

**Please Read Before Booking: When looking at our calendar, dates will only appear that have the allotted time available for a private event. This includes the setup time, the event, and the clean-up time for our staff. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Emails can be sent to info@thecandlevault.com

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